How to Deal With Stress?


The word «stress» has become integral part of our life. We use it when we feel that we are overloaded and can`t cope with the pressures placed upon us. So what is stress and how to deal with it?

Anything that challenges or threats our well-being is called stress. The physicians state that stress is not bad in some cases as it gets people going. In general, stress can be result of both external (job, physical environment, relationship with colleagues, friends, relatives, difficulties, challenges, expectations etc.) and internal factors which are related to you inner abilities to respond and cope with the external stress-inducing factors. Internal factors which can affect your ability to deal with the stress include overall health, nutritional status, emotional well-being, as well as amount of sleep you get.

When the stress is undermining physical and mental health it must be immediately dealt with.

A large variety of medications can be prescribed for stress relief or prevention. However it`s always better to rely on natural sedative rather than chemical one. Let`s see what benefits biocomplex Non Stress Forte has to offer.

This natural sedative stabilizes nervous system and fuels the organism with energy and at the same time doesn`t cause somnolence. It supplies the organism with vitamins and minerals essential for resisting psycho-emotional stress and preventing nervous breakdowns. Increasing the level of noradrenaline and serotonine known to be hormones of optimism and happiness Non Stress Forte helps to deal with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Non Stress Forte curtails consequences of stress and relieves nervous excitations and corrects sleep disorders. Indications for this medication are

In improves contraction of cardiac muscle and decreases its irritability. Due to its anti-neurotic and anti-arrhythmic effect is used in conditions resulting from nervous exertion, such as sleep disturbances, nervous breakdowns, headache, PMS, migraines, hypertension, etc. General anti-stress effect of the biocomplex is preconditioned by its active components, extracts of plants, vitamins and minerals.

Contradiction to taking this medication is individual intolerance to the components. Non Stress Forte is not recommended to combine with other sedative medications. Consultation of physician before taking the preparation is a must.