How to Increase Sperm Motility?


There are a large number of couples (about 15%) who are unable to conceive. Men are responsible for 40% of conception problems. Many factors can affect men`s fertility; sperm quality and motility is among them. Sperm motility is an essential feature of male fertility. If you`re planning a baby you might be wondering whether your sperm is healthy enough and what you should do to improve sperm motility. This indicator shows percentage of sperm which is moving forward accurately.

Modern medicine has developed various solutions to assist infertile couples; male fertility vitamins and supplements are among them. “MegaSpermin Trio” is a preparation which improves motility of sperm and male reproductive function. It consists of 3 group of ingredients which are effective both in separate use and combined. The groundwork of its success is a combination of specially selected mineral, vitamins and amino acids which show chemical, pharmaceutical and physical compatibility. This volume pills help to

●       increase the number of spermatozoon

●       improve the quality of sperm

●       increase sperm motility

When the preparation is prescribed in case of

●       asthenozoospermia (low percentage of sperm motility and reduced fertilizing capacity)

●       teratozoospermia (abnormal forms of spermatozoa)

●       oligozoospermia (decreased number of sperm)

●       oligo-terato-astenozoospermia (combination of asthenozoospermia, teratozoospermia and oligozoospermia mentioned above)

●       Aspermia (lack of semen)

●       decreased reproductive function

Vitamins for male fertility “MegaSpermin Trio” help to normalize venous drainage and microcirculation of the prostate gland, to improve ejaculation and to boost sperm metabolism and motility. The preparation should be taken within 74 days, a period needed for sperm maturation, so it`s not recommended to interrupt the intake of the preparation during this time. For better results "MegaSpermin TRIO" should be taken up to 6 months.

The preparation is taken orally and washed down with plenty amount of water according to the scheme. 

 ●       1-2 caplet tablets

●       1-2 oval tablets

●       1-2 capsules

Interval between the intakes of these drugs should be at least 4 hours, otherwise the effect will be reduced.

Before attempting “MegaSpermin Trio” it is recommended to consult a physician.